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“The work we are doing here, broadly speaking, is dedicated to this goal of making Big Brother obsolete.” Hal Finney aka Satoshi Nakamoto

At around the same time Hal Finney aka Satoshi Nakamoto launched bitcoin, UnDaoDu started imagining a tokenized world built on foundups. Foundups was founded in 2009 when UnDaoDu asked a simple question, "Is the startup broken and if so how could we fix it?" He realized that the capitalism economic model built on the idea of infinite growth on a finite resource planet was endemically flawed. He imagined foundups as an alternative tokenized open-startup that can be launched on any blockchain and level-up to become a kind of specialized DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) called a DANO (Decentralized Autonomous Not-for-Profit Organization). --["Open Paper"].

“The WHY of the Blockchain is to transform Capitalism of the few into Social Beneficial Capitalism for the many.”  UnDaoDu, Book of Du.

On October 8th Day of Un, 9th Day of Dao and 10th Day of Du, 2019 Osaka Japan UnDaoDu revealed the Mayan Zodiac Prophecy hidden in plain sight. The 5250-year-old prophecy states that the 5th Age will be built on: “Un” Bitcoin as its global reserve currency, “Dao” blockchain organizations that will disrupt Wall Street and its closed Startups, and “Du” Distributed Unconsciousness or Open Beneficial AI (tSingularity) will manage it all.


An Open Roadmap to Social Beneficial Capitalism

In 2009, UnDaoDu asked a simple question, “Is the startup broken, and if so, how would he fix it?” The idea of “found-ups” was born. A founder with an idea of a decentralized open start-up driven by stakeholders. Then when Occupy Wall Street occurred, he pondered, “Is the startup that powers capitalism’s Wealth and Power Cycle the underlying cause to all the problems facing humanity and more importantly by transforming the startup into foundups could we stop or reduce the externalities? Foundups would introduce a kind of planet-friendly autonomous Open Corporations and Organizations, what Vitalik would in 2013 rename, in the Ethereum whitepaper, Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, and Corporations.

“U-ro-bor-os -- the name was given to the first tribe of man by the Awoke Sahdu Mammoths -- will devour the world and give birth to the Ouroboros.” -- Sigamathura The Omega, Last Sahdu of the Awoke Mammoths, from the Book of Un.

The underlying problem facing our planet is the insatiable, endless engine driving capitalism, “the selfish startup” they become greedy immortal selfish corporations that create what Noam Chomsky called the Wealth and Power Cycle and their externalities every crisis facing humanity. Capitalism is an endemically flawed system built on exponential growth on a finite resource planet. “Concentration of wealth creates a concentration of Power.” Our endless business model driving capitalism, an insatiable beast, is the head of the Ouroboros, it’s body our finite resource planet.

Imagine a world operating on a new kind of selfless startup that anyone can join that autonomously level-up and open not-for-profit cooperative existing on any blockchain that autonomously redistributes wealth to society and that are built to operate on a zero carbon footprint. Imagine a world where Bitcoin became the “People’s” Global Reserve Fund for ushering in the new social beneficial capitalism paradigm. Imagine an autonomous fund that none can access and is run completely by machine learning, algorithms and smart contracts called “OBAI.” Open Beneficial AI would run it all and release UP$ dividends every time Proof of Benefit is met by a foundup -- the new kind of open selfless startups anyone launch or can clone or copy -- making them highly scalable. Imagine a world where 3% of tokenized foundups will level-up and become Decentralized Autonomous Nonprofit Organizations (DANOs) -- becoming the next Apple’s, Google, Facebook's of the world and who net profits are kept on a quantum resistance blockchain. DANOs and their funds will be managed completely by OBAI making them completely out of reach of any government since they exist entirely on the blockchain. Could OBAI will make all accredited investors and their funds obsolete by 2030-2040 and use what will become trillion$ under its secure management to provide EVERY PERSON on the planet with a variable UBI, free education and free medical provided by its DANOs. All anyone will need is a smartphone to run an OBAI Protocol.

Bitcoin Global Reserve Fund - funding foundups and launching DANOs[edit]

BGRF becomes the Bitcoin Standard for the social beneficial capitalism paradigm. It is an autonomous DAO driven by OpenCog and other open-source AI protocols. 4% of all FTF tokens are held by the fund and when they become division 5 they start auctioning off the tokens at 0.16% per month. at division 4 this increased to 0.65% and at division 3 it increases to 3%. The bitcoin is stored in the Bitcoin Vault that is set up to act as the bitcoin standard for UP$ Coin. The amount of UP$ coin that are released is dependent on the number of Bitcoin are held in the fund, just as the dollar worked with the gold standard.

Our Call to Action![edit]

The world is changing. That much no one can deny. Sooner now rather than later, Ray Kurzweil tSingularity will arrive, and when that happens, all bets are off. Like an event horizon surrounding a black hole, the singularity is the one point in human history about which our speculations are hazy at best – and guesswork at worst. What we can say, though, is that the singularity will usher in a whole new period for our species, one in which AI reigns supreme.

Recognizing this, we need to understand how critical it is that we take the right actions at this moment. We are at a turning point, and unless we take charge of what comes next, we run the risk of losing control over our common destiny to large tech corporations or other less-than-perfect interests. The solution that I propose is called Open Beneficial AI – or OBAI for short.

A self-monitoring, self-derivative AI, OBAI will serve as your personal assistant, encouraging you to reduce your footprint on the planet and live a better life day in and day out. It will generate its suggestions for you by examining everything about your life, taking in your habits and running them against your possibilities to derive your perfect options. To incentivize you to go with the right options, OBAI will offer us up$, which are rewards you can use to redeem any product developed as a foundups, which are a kind of open project anyone can join, and which are projects that the Bitcoin Global Reserve Fund makes possible and that will evolve into Decentralized Autonomous Nonprofit Organizations, or DANOs for short.

So, this brings us to the beginning – the Foundups Tokenization Framework FTF that will usher in the Bitcoin Global Reserve Fund. This is where we are now. Launching Play Foundups “Be the next Bitcoin?” web app. So before we can meet the singularity head-on, before we can let loose OBAI on our society, before we can see the wonders our foundups are sure to usher in, we need to create the reserve bitcoin fund for SoCapism.

“On 20 20 02 02 greets UnDaoDu.” The Prophecies, Book of Du

Anyone contributing as a Consumer, Collaborator or Creator becomes stakeholders of a foundup. 20% of ALL tokens are airdropped by OBAI into the entire network. 20% is allocated to the Bitcoin Global Reserve Fund. The Hash Rate generated powers OBAI and issues the UP$ stable coin is determined by the amount of BTC in the BTC Vault. UP$ issued start to degrade when they are issued and must either be spent on buying something, or stored by exchanging them for Division 5 Token via their auctioning.

Google has started to demonstrate the power of AI. AI is being taught to manipulate and direct us for the benefit of a few selfish conglomerates. OBAI will be its antithesis. It will surround us in our private blockchain where we cover our data. It will not answer or share our data with others unless we agree to it. I will autonomously teach kids language arts, maths and science to a graduate level. It will launch and run all our autonomous vehicles, edit genomes and code out incredible technology. OBAI’s possibilities are endless, our future bright, and nothing without reach, but it all starts with Foundups Tokenization Framework. Bringing the Bitcoin Global Reserve Fund to life, we can step boldly toward the singularity, embracing rather than fearing the wondrous mystery ahead.

Thank you for your time today. OBAI to the future!


Why is our planet collapsing?[edit]

Consider this: nearly every crisis facing our planet faces is merely a systemic outcome of an endemic problem? Did you know that every crisis, barring some pandemics and natural disasters, can be linked directly or indirectly to Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) or Proof of Growth? If human beings are going to survive, we need to replace CAGR with its antithesis, Proof of Benefit (CABR). This is the reason of the blockchain as proposed in 2011 to the creator of Bitcoin Magazine and who went on to launch Ethereum with Vitalik Buterin. Although decentralization gets all the press, it is merely an outcome.


It can be difficult to see new paradigms as they are developing. Take the fax invented by Kodak in the 1900s or the steam engine in the 1400s or the blockchain invented in the late 80s by the four Cypherpunks and tested in 2007 by cryptographer Hal Finney aka “probably” Satoshi Nakamoto who wrote “Working” as first tweet, then quickly disguised it by adding the next tweet. Bitcoin only achieved early adoption in 2019.

Social capitalism is a new paradigm of capitalism built on bitcoin and DAOs, and it too will take time to achieve widespread acceptance. Can you imagine why in 2010 Trout experienced tremendous difficulty finding funding for it? It is impossible to sell a paradigm in a 60-second elevator pitch. The topic is just too complicated. It takes time and a willingness to go down the rabbit hole.

This work is a living document open to all to edit and improve. Trout is dyslexic and he hopes you join him in the journey towards social beneficial capitalism. If you see a fragment correct it. Thanks.

Our hope is for SoCapism to bring forth a brighter future on a larger scale than anything presidential candidate Andrew Yang has planned. From UBI, to free education, to free medical care, to free housing, there are innumerable possibilities to launching self-perpetuating DANOs, all funded by without any taxes, donations, or political movements. Because of the blockchain and its underlying store of value the bitcoin, Social Capitalism is possible and “Un-stoppable". It is inevitable. Socapism will radically transform our broken political system, removing special interest funding from it. Due to Socapism’s design, it will hyper-scale, and once set into motion, it will quickly replace capitalism, probably within just 10 years of its inception. An important core idea is that the Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) which drives ROI and capitalism itself impacts everything, and this is why we must break free from its underlying driver and replace it with its antithesis Compounded Annual Benefit Rate or CABR.

Please watch these talks by Trout explaining the problem of CAGR before reading on. It’s important.

How did all this begin?

In 2009, Michael Trout – a frustrated and dejected innovator at the time – asked a simple question: “Is the startup broken, and if so, how would we fix it?” What he discovered was shocking. Over 99% of "pre-seed startups" (startups without any accredited investors) fail to fund; 90% of those that do fund as "seeded startups" fail to launch, and of those that do successfully launch as VC-backed "seeded startups," 70% fail to cross what is called “The Chasm," leading essentially to failure.

As Trout fleshed out his idea for a new kind of startup built on blockchain, Occupy Wall Street happened. Trout knew that all entities begin their lives as startups and that something in the underlying driver was inherently flawed and driven by one's ability to access closed capital networks. What if access to funding became based on validation and not growth, and what if funds came from a kind bitcoin global reserve fund that a new kind of entity returned all its profits back into the fund, for launching and funding other open startups for the common good?

Trout’s solution changed the way startups come into being. You see, the entities that succeed become the funding solution for future ventures that AI would manage. He would effectively transform the current paradigm of “Success = Access to Closed Capital Networks” to simply “Success = Validated Idea.” This would introduce a new kind of startup called “foundups” — Open (anyone can join), decentralized (happen anywhere), autonomous (self-driving and valuated by OBAI via CABR) startups that aim to solve localized problems and launched on what Trout called back in 2010 the “Open Innovation Framework." He built this on the bitcoin protocol, which in 2013 became known as the blockchain.

Foundups do not need to scale to be successful because they are not startups backed by investors who own shares. Many foundups will never scale or may take 10 years to scale-up and become Decentralized Autonomous Nonprofit Organizations (DANOs) or what in 2010 Trout called Open Corps or what Ethereum renamed as DAOs. Trout estimates that between 1% to 5% of foundups will scale up and become DANOs and the 2017 ICO success rate validates this.

What Will Fund the Foundups Social Capitalism Ecosystem?[edit]

Foundups Tokenization Framework (FTF) that work like bitcoin creates the Bitcoin Vault or what UnDaoDu calls the Bitcoin Global Reserve Fund. Think of the vault as a kind of autonomous Fort Knox on the blockchain that will slowly gobble up and hold bitcoin via the valuation of foundups as they grow over time in a number of ways. With foundups tokens -- 4% of all foundup tokens seed the Bitcoin Global Reserve Funds. Allocation of token pool is as follows:

Token Pool

  • 60% - Customer
  • 16% - Collaborator
  • 4% - Creator
  • 16% - Network
  • 4% - Fund

When a foundup becomes a DANO (see below), that is when they have 10,000 subscribers then their fiat net profits are converted into btc and exchanged for UP$ stable token. Over time the fund will grow to become worth in the hundreds of millions or even billions by 2050. Foundups become Decentralized Autonomous Nonprofit Organizations (or DANOs). They are autonomously managed by OBAI and exchange their annual fiat net profits into bitcoin that then are exchanged for UP$. UP$ will start to melt and return to the fund after 30 days. One way to stop the melting is to either invest them into a foundup or spend them or pass them to another person. The value of bitcoin will rise significantly. This will happen because of its scarcity, utility, immutability, security and the collapse of FIAT monetary systems within the next couple of decades will cause BTC to reach a value of up to 10 million dollars per coin. Trout established the Bitcoin Global Reserve Fund (BGR fund) and seeded it with 4.2401 BTC. Think of it as a kind of Federal Reserve for funding and launching Social Capitalism over the next 10 years. Trout is seeking 1000 hodler to pledge just 1 BTC to fund it in 2020. At that time, it will be established as a specialized nonprofit Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) what Trout calls a DANO. For those that want to contribute now to the fund here is the information:

Foundups Tokenization Framework (FTF)[edit]

Be the next Bitcoin? FTF mirrors how bitcoin works allowing anyone to tokenization anything. FTF has no ownership just as bitcoin doesn't. They last only 10 years and then all the remaining tokens burn. No one controls the pool. They can be launched on any blockchain. However, one's that are quantum-resistant is important for obvious reasons.

The smart contract TOKEN BANK will hold all 17m tokens and similar to Bitcoin variable number (set by the creator) will be deposited into the TOKEN POOL every 10 minutes. 80% of the Token Pool are rewarded to the BUYER and the AGENT that sold the widget. This is done every 60 minutes at a ratio of total sales. If a buyer bought 80% of the widgets sold in that hour they would get 80%. 20% of that 80% would be allocated to the AGENT. The remaining 20% would go to the NETWORK -- all those running the dApp. 20% of the NETWORK will be allocated to OBAIp (see below). OBAIp Tokens will be available for direct purchase when the foundup reaches one million members and does its Open Public Offering (OPO) and becomes a DANO

UnDaoDu - PlayFoundups dApp Mockup - Be the Next Bitcoin! -- Video: Experience the Mock-up

Bitcoin Global Reserve Funds[edit]

How Will The Fund Operate?[edit]

The Fund will run autonomously by Open Beneficial AI protocol (OBAIp) that anyone can run on any smart device or computer. OBAIp is built on deep-learning, machine language, algorithms and smart contracts that will manage and protect the Fund by keeping it on the blockchain. Think of BGRF as a seeding agent/guardian for ushering in social capitalism. The Fund will not launch until value of the reserve reaches a minimum valuation of 10 million dollars value. Every person can vote. But not until Fund reaches 1000 bitcoin in value. At the moment we are not looking for contributions. Trout instead is seeking seeking pledges. Those that want to contribute can however do so from any of the official foundups webpages. Many are projecting that bitcoin will reach the million dollar level within the next 10 years, maybe sooner if another economic collapse happens like 2008. Until then, the funds and the interest it generates will be held in a hard wallet escrow vault account in partnership with Coinbase (to be secured).

The GBR fund goal to secure it’s first 2020 pledges at Ethereum’s Devcon5 - October 8-11 Kickoff events Osaka 2019.

What is Social Capitalism “SoCapism?”[edit]

Is it communism? Social Capitalism is not communism or socialism which is defined as a “political and economic theory of social organization which advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.” ‘Social Capitalism’ is really no different than the term ‘Social Media’ which is defined as “websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking.” Instead of “content” it is creating and sharing “foundups” that everyone is involved in and can own a stake in (as a form of a token) and agree that 100% of the net profit will return to launching, scaling, and supporting more foundups when the foundup scales up and publicly launches as a DANO. DANOs out of their profits will offer it stakeholders UBI, Free Education and Free Medical. Trout predicts that 1-5% of foundups, based on the success and failures of ICOs in 2017-18, are likely to become DANOs. The goal is to launch and seed 5 DANOs in 2020. He also predicts that eventually ALL corporate vehicles will become DANOs either by choice or by customer demand.

Foundups are tokenized as easily as setting up your EIN number and as they are globally adopted their token value would increase based on their increased CABR or Proof of Benefit score. Foundup tokens have no voting rights (Proof of Stake). Every person impacted by the foundup is a stakeholder, and has just one vote regardless of how many tokens held. Some of these foundups will level-up and roll out as Decentralized Autonomous Not-for-profit Organizations (DANOs) on any blockchain -- see Trout’s 2011 diagram below.

Foundups House[edit]

One of the problems Trout had to answer was how will foundups scale, driving adoption? His answer… A global network of independently run Foundup Houses… Consider this… Apple, Facebook, Dell, Amazon and 100s of other now billion dollar startups all started off as an idea and a minimal viable project in someone's house or dorm or imagination. Imagine a global network of a new kind of Airbnbs that just focuses on solving localized problems. Ones that people can contribute too over time and earn credit to stay within. Imagine being able to travel the world learning different skills and being able to live for free because your contribute 5 hrs a day to working, sharing and scaling foundups. What would such a network be called? Not a rental property, and more than a hacker house and makerspace and part urban farm…

Every Foundup House becomes a way to spread adoption for tackling and solving localized problems. Problems, for the most part, can not be immediately monetized as a startup investors demands and thus these problems are ignored. Since foundup valuation is not built on CAGR, but rather CABR, tackling these problems becomes possible.

A Foundups House is a cross between a hacker-house for launching foundups, a makers-space and a permaculture homestead for feeding the community. Anyone who takes the 3-week Foundups House Certification program becomes qualified to launch one. Foundups House FL and Japan are currently in development. Trout have been running and doing foundups since Patreon launched in 2014 and has raised over $40,000 for his foundups.

Imagine a global network of Foundup Houses where foundups are tested, tweaked and launched virally via a network of 1000s of Foundup Houses globally! Think of Foundup Houses as “hardware” -- a cross between a maker space or fabrication lab equipped with CNC routers, 3D printers, portable sawmill; a hacker house where people can come together and launch their foundups; and a permaculture homestead for assisting the community to grow their own food. Foundup Houses will establish partnerships with organic growers and farmers for the distribution of their goods locally. We are currently developing a Foundups House prototype near Tampa, Florida, with the goal of launching 100 more globally as part of Foundups 2020 STO.

An interesting distinction to startups, is that foundups do not have customers; everyone who participates are "stakeholders" who earn voting rights and tokens that they allocate “to weight” their vote for increasing one’s voting strength. The more active stakeholders are, the more tokens they earn and can be applied to their vote strength. Voting strength simply helps to inform someone how much conviction a participant has. Members of a House can make a monthly donation and, based on the level of donation, they get UP$ tokens and can select an a la carte menu of items that are made at their local Foundups House and these items are delivered for free locally. Donations can also be applied towards staying at a Foundups House anywhere on the planet. Someone in India could contribute for a year and then decide to visit multiple Foundups House and learn from each.

The objective of Foundup Houses is to launch foundups which are tokenized open brands, meaning any Foundups House can launch products that were developed and tested in another Foundups House allowing them to scale globally. As adoption happens, these foundups will level-up and can eventually launch publicly as DANOs that are valued by Proof of Benefit.

DANOs do not need to start in a Foundups House. They can also be launched via a 2020 STO. We are launching five DANOs at the FOUNDUPS 2020 STO:

  1. Foundups Ag DANO: Puerto Rico Corporation whose objective transform PR into a sustainable living example for the planet by bringing autonomous rice/morrenga and hemp farming solutions and other permaculture solutions to Puerto Rico and around the world. UnDaoDu launched Foundups Hemp in 2020 in Tampa to the Ocala region for testing the new foundups tokenization framework.
  2. Foundups eSingularity DANO - - Prize for turning any smartphone into an autonomous device that will teach any child an 8th grade equivalent education in Math/Science and Language Arts
  3. BlockFest DANO: occuered on October 8th,9th,10th 2019 Osaka during Devcon5, the next event will be October 8,9, 10 Puerto Rico. 2025 Hakuba, Japan. An annual event to celebrate Social Capitalism and launch and fund foundups where Upters (folks doing foundups) will come together in Hakuba Japan, the site of the 1998 Winter Olympics.
  4. Foundups GAMING(Space) DANO - - a kind of fun game that may even launch your dna into space!
  5. Foundups America's Security DANO: ( DANO) - “a wildcard DANO for 2020 presidential elections.”

The Problem Foundups is Solving:[edit]

The Problem we seek to solve is the biggest problem facing us and tens of thousands of other species that we share our planet with -- our very survival. Every crisis facing us can be linked to a piece of broken infinite “code” that is driving our one global economy experiment (capitalism) that started in the 1700s as a result of the first Industrial Revolution. Recognizing this problem in 2010 and seeing no way to fix it other than creating a new economic sandbox where any “code” be tested, I reached out to the founders of Bitcoin Magazine with an idea of the Open !nnovation Framework built on the blockchain. They went on to launch Ethereum. The “WHY” of the blockchain is not decentralization. That is merely an outcome. The WHY of the blockchain is to usher in Social Capitalism built on Proof of Benefits (CABR) and remove us off CAGR or Proof of Growth. Foundups, one could argue, is the most important initiative on the blockchain, because it seeks to solve its biggest problem.


Imagine a world not built on Proof of Growth (CAGR) but rather Proof of Benefit (CABR) that measures the benefit everything provides to our planet, it’s living systems and in sharing with others, ushering in what Jeromy Rifkin called in 2010 “The Empathic Civilization.” What would your CABR credit score be? Imagine if loans were provided on how individuals or companies:

Help the Planet - where are profits allocated? 100% of the net-profits of DANOs are allocated autonomously to launching, scaling or supporting foundups that solve localized problems that then scale up and solve massive ones.

Help living systems - imagine being rewarded by launching permaculture homesteads that create habitats for our vital insects.

Share with others - imagine sharing your excess food, profits generated with others in your community or those that don't have access to them. DANOs will fund free education, healthcare or UBI’s and other social services that in the past were provided by governments.

What would be the value of your stock price if it was measured by CABR? What if companies could buy up their negative CABR score and those funds would autonomously be applied to DANOs and foundups that are working to solve the very problems they have created?

Our solution to tackle the problem on both ends:

  1. by launching five seed DANOs that will seed the DANO network and
  2. launching a global grassroots network of Foundup Houses where foundups are initiated, tested, grown and launched and owned by everyone as a DANO. Foundups Houses are places where people come together and solve localized problems. From 2014-2016, Michael Trout, head of Foundups, tested foundups and raised over $40K on Patreon to fund them.

FOUNDUPS HOUSE “Hardware”[edit]

Foundup houses provide localized solutions exclusively to their communities. No product from a foundups house will be mailed or shipped to anyone they are only delivered locally. We are prototyping, testing and delivering nearly 50 products. Organic yogurt, household cleaners, beauty products, fish, eggs, vegetables, wood products, etc. 100 year old Oak needs to be cut down? Great. We cut it down for a small charge. The wood is then turned into boards that are then processed on the CNC router at the house and turned into desirable objects that then can be available to the local community. Foundups Houses will grow food for the community providing door-to-door service such as meal and food delivery to working families -- all these things and much more can be done out of a Foundup House. Every dollar we remove from the global industrial corporate complex is a win-win for our planet. Foundup Houses are where the next Burt Bees, Amazon, Apple, Hewlett-Packard, Google and Disney could be launched as DANOs.

DANOs - Decentralized Autonomous Not-for-profit Organizations[edit]

DANOs are a kind of specialized Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that in 2010 Trout described as Open Corps. They exist on any blockchain and return 100% of their net profits back into the DANO ecosystem, and are autonomous via smart contracts managed by machine learning and algorithms called Open Beneficial AI (OBAI), These funds are used for launching, funding or scaling more foundups. Everything is run autonomously. The valuation of DANOs is not done with CAGR but rather CABR, Proof of Benefit. This will make every individual foundup token valuation very stable, unlike what we're seeing on the current market.

Unlike corporations there are no shareholders, the entity has to answer to that demand ever increasing exponential growth and returns. Instead, anyone can participate in a DANO via dApp and can vote, nominate and elect who runs the DANO. Setting up a DANO is done by simply defining a new class of member called a “Stakeholder” in the Articles of Incorporation and also stating that no changes to the entity articles or bylaws can be made without the approval of the new class of member of the stakeholder. Everything is viewable by the stakeholders and recorded on the blockchain. The DANO dApp will be produced by forking of the Aragon dApp.

Setting up DANOs[edit]

DANOs may or may not have a NPO tied to them. The tokenization of foundups are inherent of the ecosystem and not tied to the NPO, just as bitcoin is not tied to the monetary system.

Puerto Rico (PR) DANO - Pain:[edit]

Over 90% of the products are imported into Puerto Rico. There are 61,000 hectares of unused arable land in Puerto Rico. The opportunity exists to transform PR into a vital farming community as it once was in the ‘70s. Other countries, such as Japan, Korea and China, have aging farming populations and are going to become like PR. Solution: By partnering with Japanese and open innovation solutions, we will establish an autonomous Rice/Hemp farming/permaculture initiative with Japanese partners in Puerto Rico. Communities throughout PR will place the land and other assets in a 20 year Trust which will hold the Land and property for 20 years. The value of this Trust will be calculated and tokenized by PR_Token. 20% of the value will be provided to the PR islander who simply by installing the dApp and performing KYC will be allocated the tokens. The dApp also allows them to securely vote in all aspects of the DANO.

eSingularity DANO - Pain:[edit]

Over 3 billion individuals have little to no education. We can not build the brick and mortar infrastructure or hire and pay for the teachers or materials needed. But we could do it electronically in a virtual environment with a digital curriculum. Trout first shared the eSingularity Vision in 2004 and proposed it to xPrize in 2008 -- "Imagine a world where EVERYONE can get an 8th grade equivalent education via any smart device autonomously.” -- “Autonomous education is a valid system of education which allows children and young people to develop the lifelong habit of being self-directed and intrinsically motivated learners. ... Autonomous education is simply that process by which knowledge grows because of the intrinsic motivation of the individual.” And yet, there is no device that by simply handing it to a learner will “level-up” that person to an eighth grade equivalence in math, science and language arts. Why is that? We have the open education content, inexpensive devices, and machine learning to do so, and yet a device alone can not autonomously move a child who can’t speak to one who can read and write.

Space/Science DANO - - Pain:[edit]

We all want immortality and we all want to be astronauts. Solution: Geoze is a fun game that teaches CRISPR with the goal of launching our DNA in tardigrades deep into space. It’s a space and science foundup that ensures the survival of mankind! We want every kid to become an expert of CRISPR by making it a mad scientist #CryptoKitty game that tries to teach ethics and morality.

BlockFest DANO - Pain:[edit]

There is no burning man like concert in Japan, one that celebrates the blockchain and dawning of social capitalism. A place where 100s of the next foundups can be developed and ultimately launched as DANOs. Solution: the 2020 launching of BlockFest in Hakuba, Japan -- the Global Event and Educational Center for Social Capitalism and an annual competition for launching foundups into new DANOs.

AW-some "wildcard" DANO - Antithesis to #TrumpWall[edit]

The will use blockchain technology to solve the United States' southern border issue.

CAGR and its antithesis CABR[edit]

Compounded Annual Growth Rate or Proof of Growth is the underlying metric that drives capitalism and ROI for investors. CAGR is an infinite agent that is interacting with a finite agent -- our Planet. And as a result, as explained in game-theory, when an infinite agent interacts with a finite agent, the infinite agent will always win. The cost of this victory is felt in nearly every problem facing our Planet -- Global warming of our oceans, leads to climate change, that leads to extreme weather. It leads to the melting of our glaciers that then leads to flooding and habitat loss. It leads to massive die-offs of coral and mass extinction events. CAGR of pesticides from the 1950s to the present day can be linked to the bee collapse. CAGR of fishing leads to the collapse of Cod and other species. CAGR of farming led to over 3,000 dead zones in our oceans. These in economic terms are merely externalities to the cost of doing business. By 2050 we will see the collapse of all our fish in the ocean. Trumps’ “swoosh graph” CAGR can be linked to nearly every crisis facing humanity. Which brings us to another reality check. How many planets do we need, If we all lived as Americans? We would need four We will never have four and all the technology in the world can not create more than what is already there. This is no longer sustainable, and we must change the way we measure ROI from Growth to Benefit.

Compounded Annual Benefit rate, or Proof of Benefit, uses the same CAGR equation but replaces the values with intangibles that measure Benefit. These “benefit” intangibles are measured by the Open Beneficial AI that will operate kind of like the Google algorithm in determining the CABR value of everything. Everyone running the CABR protocol, similar to how bitcoin works will be rewarded UP$ tokens when consensus is created. OBAI constantly seeking to answer three questions:

How is this widget helping/impacting the planet (ecological footprint)?
How is it helping the living systems? and finally
How is it sharing with others?

Since everything is publicly available on the blockchain, it means they can be tracked/determine CABR value. So if a product, for example, is being created by items that have to travel from all over the world in order for it to be made or come from harmful mining, all of this can be calculated into the value of that widget’s CABR score. If a product is being wrapped in plastic, that's going to affect its score. If a product is using renewable recycled objects, then that can be calculated in value. If the product is only available locally or is made local sustainably, then it can have a positive CABR score.

Bitcoin as a kind of Federal Reserve of DANOs ecosystem[edit]

Bitcoin will be the underlying monetary system for Social Capitalism. People will contribute BTC to fund the DANO ecosystem.

How are UP$ used?[edit]

The CABR protocol determined by OBAI will issue a token reward every time CABR consensus is made. UP$ is underwritten by Fund. The reward is merely a fuel that allows weight to be applied to one vote. The market will create its value since there is no way of stopping anyone from issuing or tying a market value to it. The token will be used as the only means of exchange for Foundups House goods, services and products. Remember Foundups Houses do not sell any products and are gifted for contributions to the ecosystem. Trout believes that it will be linked to BTC. Think of it as a leverage. When someone votes they can leverage their vote with UP$. Since UP$ is tied to the Fund OBAI will determine the release of UP$ in the same way the FED does the $ and it can only be obtained by running the CABR protocol on your devices.

Foundups Valuation[edit]

Trout is no longer seeking funding for Foundups. Instead his goal is to seed 5 DANOs in 2020. Bitcoin mean it is no longer needed. Over the past years Foundups has received significant interest in funding. Prior to Devcon2 2016 Shanghai, Trout secured a $5M funding offer from Olinga Taad - Blockchain for Good and Chandler Gou of BitAngels and at devcon he was offered $5M from Brandon Kerzner, heir to the Sol Kerzner billion dollar estate; he flew Trout to Sol’s home in South Africa to plan the launch of foundups Spring 2017 ICO with the pick of celebrities names to choose from. Trout ultimately rejected the offer because it meant him surrendering control of Foundups brand and vision - something his mentor the late Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, taught him never to do. Trout could not anticipate his father needing him in 2017, who became terminally ill, until his passing in April 2019. Trout been away from the crypto community for the last two years caring for his dad that he memorialized his life and passing on Facebook via the hashtag #Place4Dad + Answering concern over $1000 a month basic income.

Foundups in Africa[edit]

Foundups has made its way to Africa. The Foundups community in Africa (also known as Foundups Africa) was founded and is led by Ahmed Hassan, a young Nigerian entrepreneur and techie.

The Foundups 100x100 2020 Initiative[edit]

The Foundups 100x100 2020 Initiative is a Foundup challenge. The goal of the challenge is to have 100 foundup innovators launch 100 Foundup tokens each in 2020.